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Fred Mace as The Woggle-Bug Fred Mace as The Woggle-Bug


Jack Pumpkinhead -- HAL GODFREY
Professor Knowitt -- SIDNEY BRACEY
Mr. H. M. Woggle-Bug, T. E. -- FRED MACE
Captain Prissy Ping -- MABEL HITE
General Jinjur -- BEATRICE McKENZIE
Aunt Dinah -- WALTER B. SMITH
Sir Richard Spud, The Regent -- SIDNEY DEANE
Lord Stunt -- W. H. THOMPSON
Queen Maetta -- HELEN ALLYN
Athlos, Maetta's Page -- JEANETTE ALLEN

Musical Numbers

Songs in BOLD are available in
The Woggle-Bug Sheet Music Book

"Opening Pantomime"
"The Creation of Jack Pumpkinhead"

"Opening Chorus"
a. "Chorus of School Children"
b. "My Native Fairyland"
c. "The Capture of the Woggle-Bug"

"Mr. H. M. Woggle-Bug, T. E."
"Sweet Matilda"

""My Little Maid of Oz"
"The Hobgoblins"

"Finale - Act I"
a. "Bombardment of the City of Jewels"
b. "The Paean to Victory"


"To the Victors Belong the Spoils"
"The Household Brigade"
"Patty Cake Patty Cake Baker's Man"

"I'll Get Another Place"
"Jack O'Lantern"
"There's a Lady-Bug a Waitin' For Me"
"The Doll and the Jumping Jack"

"The Things We Learned at School"
a. "The Storm - Rain of Cats and Dogs"
b. "Dance & Chorus of the Chrysanthemums"

"The Equine Paradox"
"The Sandman is Near"

"Finale - Act II"

The Woggle-Bug on Record

Theatre Musicologist James P. Doyle has arranged a beautiful nine minute medley featuring nine songs from The Woggle-Bug on his Ozzy compact disc Before the Rainbow. For more information click on the CD below or click on the link to listen to a sample.

Before the Rainbow CD Listen to an
Excerpt from

"The Doll and the
Jumping Jack"
1:28 - 608k

Vintage Broadway

The Woggle-Bug

Music by Frederic Chapin
Book & Lyrics by L. Frank Baum
Based on The Marvelous Land of Oz
Opened June 18, 1905
Garrick Theatre


In the PROLOGUE a boy named Tip makes a wooden man which he tops with a Jack O' Lantern hoping it will frighten his guardian, the old witch Mombi. The witch is startled, but decides the lifeless figure will be a fine subject on which to test her Powder of Life. Tip runs away with his newly "live" friend, Jack Pumpkinhead.

Hal Godfrey as Jack Pumpkinhead
Hal Godfrey as Jack Pumpkinhead

In ACT ONE the scene shifts to a Schoolroom where Professor Knowitt is showing his class a Woggle-Bug (played by future Keystone Cop Fred Mace). To enable the students to see the Bug better, the Professor magnifies and projects the insect onto a screen. The highly magnified and thoroughly educated Bug escapes--and soon encounters Mombi. The Bug falls in love with Mombi (or rather, Mombi's dress). This running gag involving the Woggle-Bug's love for a particular piece of fabric is borrowed from Baum's 1904 The Woggle-Bug Book. They are interrupted by a crowd of young women who are enlisting in General Jinjur's all-girl "Army of Revolt" which will conquer the "City of Jewels" and put an end to the tyrannical reign of the Regent, Sir Richard Spud.

Meanwhile Tip has discovered that "he" is really the long lost Princess Ozma! Tip and Jack arrive at the gates to the "City of Jewels" where they meet the Regent who craves "the simple life." Jinjur's army invades and easily imprisons the Regent, Tip, and Jack.

ACT TWO opens with Jinjur on the throne. A Household Brigade of men arrive to protest their new found domesticity. Tip, Jack, and the Regent escape in a homemade Flying Machine hoping that Maetta the Sorceress can turn Tip back into Ozma. Mombi conjurs up a field of chrysanthemums to prevent Tip from reaching Maetta. Our boys finally make their way to Maetta's Palace.

Maetta captures Mombi, restores Tip to his former girlish self, ousts General Jinjur, and places Princess Ozma on the throne. And last but not least, the Woggle-Bug is rewarded with his favorite plaid skirt.

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