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The Hobgoblins Original Sheet Music Cover


Sung by Mombi and Goblins

Shadows are falling,
Screech owls are calling,
Hobgoblins and Sprites appear!


With pranks so bold,
You shudder to behold,
Then creeping up behind you,
Should they find you,
Then you'd better
Scoot, scoot, scoot!
And if they're jeering,
Then you'd best be fearing,
With devilments, wicked
They're chock full to boot!

So run away
From where the goblins play,
'Mid gloomy shades of night,
To scamper they delight,
To dance with merry tune,
Where shines the ghostly moon,
A howlin' and a scowlin',
You can't run away too soon!

Second Verse
When forests darken,
There if you harken,
You will hear the goblins call!


Hand joined to hand,
That grim and awful band,
Danceround and round
So madley,
That you'll gladly
Shake your heels and
Scoot, scoot, scoot!
With nerves a shiver,
And your flesh a-quiver,
This company doubtless
The timid won't suit!

Repeat Chorus

Tiger Tunes
The Hobgoblins

From the 1905 Musical Extravaganza
The Woggle-Bug
Words by L. Frank Baum
Music by Frederic Chapin

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In this short lived musical based on L. Frank Baum's 1904 book, The Marvelous Land of Oz, the role of Mombi the wicked witch, was sung by Phoebe Coyne. Her one song was "The Hobgoblins," which occurs early in Act One.

As Mombi, Miss Coyne wore a large putty nose and a fearsome wig of red and green. Phoebe Coyne was also married to Woggle-Bug Director, Frank Smithson.
Phoebe Coyne as MOMBI
In this 1905 newspaper cartoon
Phoebe Coyne displays her Mombi make-up
in her Garrick Theater dressing room.

You can download or play a MIDI of this little known song from The Woggle-Bug; or you can download the sheet music in PDF format which will allow you to save it to disc or print copies for yourself.

MIDI file copyright 2001 James Patrick Doyle

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