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My Little Maid of Oz Original Sheet Music Cover


Sung by Tip

When a Princess grand I used to be,
A poor young man made love to me,
For my name and wealth he didnít care
Iíd enough for two and some to spare.
He declared thoí born unto a throne,
He would surely win me for his own.
In spite of bolts and bars and jolts,
He sang in silvíry tune:

My little maid of Oz,
I love you, dear, because,
Your eyes so bright
Are my delight,
Youíre the sweetest ever was.
And in spite of stern Papas,
And of dignified Mamas,
You just can bet,
Iíll win you yet,
My little maid of Oz.

So they locked me up
Within a tower,
But the young man came
One midnight hour.
With lots of hope,
And a coil of rope,
To beg me to with him elope.
But he woke up Pa and Ma and Jim,
And the whole caboodle jumped on him.
He was led away
To a dungeon gray,
But still I heard him say:

My little maid of Oz,

Tiger Tunes
My Little Maid of Oz

From the 1905 Musical Extravaganza
The Woggle-Bug
Words by L. Frank Baum
Music by Frederic Chapin

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This song was sung early in Act I by the young boy Tip after having a dream in which he discovers that he is really the lovely Princess Ozma! This song is the only direct reference to the Land of Oz in The Woggle-Bug.

The rare piano roll pictured below has been recorded on our forthcoming CD of Vintage Oz Recordings due Summer 2002.

Aeolian Piano Roll
An Extremely Rare Aeolian Piano Roll

You can listen to a midi of this little known song. And you can also download the sheet music in PDF format which will allow you to save it to disc or print copies for yourself. Simply click on the links below.

MIDI copyright © 2002 by David Maxine

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