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Susan Doozan sheet music
Original 1920 Sheet Music Cover


Susan Doozan,
Of you I've been musin'
'Cause my heart you've won,
When I dream
My little wife you seem,
Say, wouldn't that be fun.
I seem to see you at
My breakfast table mornings,
Gee, how fine 'twould be;
And at the gate
Each night you'd wait
With smile and kiss for me.

Susan Doozan,
You're the only girl
That I'd be choosin,
Susan Doozan,
Love like mine
You couldn't be refusin'.
I could never
Go out without you.
So won't you be my wife
And keep me in for life,
Oh, Susan Doozan, Do.

Susan Doozan,
You I can't be losin'
For 'twould break my heart,
Fate would be
Unkind and most bemusin'
If we two should part.
There's something in me quivers
Like a flock of flivers
When I think of you.
I'm more in love
Than any dove,
Oh, won't you love me too?

Susan Doozan

Tiger Tunes
Susan Doozan

As sung in the
1916 Uplifters' Minstrels
Words by L. Frank Baum
Music by Byron Gay

This song is one of Baum's rarest writings.
It was originally written for the 1916 Uplifters' Minstrels. This amateur show was one of many written and performed by members of the Los Angeles Uplifters Society of which Baum and Gay were members.

This song is the only "Uplifters" number known to have been published--and it did not appear until 1920, the year after Baum's death.

It has a rollicking and somewhat mocking melody, and Baum's lyrics are better than usual--probably because he was writing the song to amuse himself and his friends and not catering to a producer's whims.

You can download or play a MIDI of this delightfully catchy number; and you can download the sheet music in PDF format which will allow you to save it on disc or print copies for yourself.

Midi Copyright © 2002, David Maxine.

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