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Can't You See I'm Lonely Cover of the 1905 Sheet Music


Sung by Tryxie Tryfle

Today has been a sad one,
I've been all alone.
It might have been a glad one,
Nothing to atone.
One thing did grieve me, honest believe me,
I've been sad at heart;
It's just a year I had a dear,
But now we're far apart.
So listen while I plead,
It's company I need.

Can't you see I'm lonely,
Lonely as can be,
For I want you only,
There's no one else for me,
And you know it.
Sometimes dear, I wonder,
Why you keep away,
Leaving me so lonely,
Lonely night and day.

You see, I don't mind telling,
What has made me blue,
My soul with love is swelling,
Love that's all for you.
Cupid has found it,
You're all around it,
Say that you'll be mine;
And if you do, I promise you,
I never more will pine.
So please don't go away,
I'm sad that's why I say.

Can't you see I'm lonely,

Tiger Tunes
Can't You See
I'm Lonely

Introduced and Featured in
The Wizard of Oz
Words by Felix Feist
Music by Harry Armstrong

This song was first introduced in the Broadway production of The Wizard of Oz in 1905 as an encore to the famous Sammy song. It was performed in Act II by Marion Stanley who played the character Tryxie Tryfle, the girlfriend of King Pastoria, exiled King of Oz. Tryxie Tryfle has an insatiable appetite for food; this song is about one of her other needs.

Offered below is a 1905 recording of the song performed by pioneer recording artist Billy Murray. Just click on the label to hear this jaunty tune.
Oxford Record Label
1905 Oxford Record Label
Listen to this 1905 recording
Sung by Billy Murray!
(2:59 -- 700k)

You may also download a piano MIDI file of this delightfully catchy number; and the sheet music is available in PDF format which will allow you to save it on disc or print copies for yourself.

View sheet music as a PDF View/Save a PDF of the Sheet Music Listen to the Piano MIDI for the song Listen/Save the MIDI

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