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Rosalie My Royal Rosy Original Sheet Music Cover

Sung by Dorothy Gale
in the Ball of All Nations

Do you ever have an itching,
Like as if your side was stitching,
Just below your inside pocket,
Or a little bit above?
If you do I'm going to tell you
That disaster's done befell you,
And you're tickled with a trouble
By the learned name of love,
All day long, your heart's a-jingle
Like a shower on a shingle,
And you feel the way I'm feeling
At the fullness of the moon
When beneath the cypress tree,
I wait for Rosalie,
And tenderly I trill
This true love tune.

Rosalie, My Royal Rosy
Queen to me from tip to toesie,
While the moon shines thru the pine,
Come and whisper you'll be mine
Tell me why you're hesitating
While my arms for you are waiting
Oh won't you climb down,
Climb down, climb down
Climb down, my honey gal, to me.

(Second Verse)
Romeo and Juliet'll
Have to stand upon their mettle,
For I'm going to the lumber yard
And buid a balcony.
Just below her second story
While the moon shines in its glory
In accents true to Shakespeare
I will court my Rosalie.
As below her there I saunter
I will have her where I want her
Foe although she's far above me
Every night I'll call her down.
Where beneather the cypress tree,
With sweetest melody,
I sing to her my queen without a crown.

Rosalie, My Royal Rosy
Queen to me from tip to toesie,

Tiger Tunes
My Royal Rosy

From the 1903 Broadway Musical
The Wizard of Oz

Music by Gus Edwards
Words by Will D. Cobb

This song was introduced into The Wizard of Oz at the Chicago premiere in 1902. According to the opening night handbill it was originally sung by Anna Laughlin as Dorothy and Helen Byron as Cynthia Cynch during the Ball of All Nations scene in Act II. But the song soon became a solo for Dorothy alone.

1905 Victor Record Label
Anna Laughlin as Dorothy Gale
in the Ball of All Nations

While Rosalie was periodically replaced by other songs during the run of the show--it was also popular enough that it kept coming back and was ultimately preserved in the final Witmark rental score and became a Wizard of Oz standard.

The song has a very pretty melody and unusually good lyrics. So click on the link below and listen to Anna Laughlin's big hit from The Wizard of Oz.

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