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Fol-De-Iddley-Ido Original Sheet Music Cover


Sung by the Mariner, Pirates, & Mermaids

There once was a mermaid they say,
Who lived by the edge of a bay--
She pulled off a scale
From the tail of a whale,
For she said, "It might give me a-way!"
A sailor named Johnny O'Brien,
To fish in the ocean was tryin',
The mermaid he spied,
"Hully Gee, Mum" he cried!
And she said, "Won't you drop me a line?"

Davy Jones & John Doe:
Why didn't he marry the girl?

He'd a wife and three children at home.

Fol de iddley row de dow,
Fol de iddley ido.
Fol de iddley row de dow,
Fol de iddley O!

She tried to climb up on the ship,
But he said, "No you don't on this trip."
He threw her a pillow,
Right out on the billow,
And that's how he gave her the slip!
The mermaid grew dreadfully pale,
She began to bemoan and bewail,
But the sailor was drowned,
Down in Long Island Sound,
And she went and got wed to a whale!

Davy Jones & John Doe:
And now they have money to burn.

And that is the end of the tale.

Fol de iddley row de dow,
Fol de iddley ido.
Fol de iddley row de dow,
Fol de iddley O!

There was a young man in Revere,
Who jumped from the end of a pier,
He got a queer notion,
To drink up the ocean,
The foam made him think it was beer!
He hollered for help like he'd bust,
They rescued him full of disgust,
When they said, "Are you wet?"
He replied, "You can bet,
Did you think I'd be covered with dust?"

Davy Jones & John Doe:
Now who is the author of that?

I think it was wrote by itself!

Fol de iddley row de dow,
Fol de iddley ido.
Fol de iddley row de dow,
Fol de iddley O!

Tiger Tunes

From the 1905 Broadway Musical
The Pearl and the Pumpkin
Music by John W. Bratton
Words by Paul West

In 1905, three years after the smashing success of the 1903 Wizard of Oz musical, both L. Frank Baum and W. W. Denslow tried to strike gold a second time.

Baum wrote The Woggle-Bug which flopped. But Denslow, illustrator of the original Wizard of Oz, had much better luck with his new show, The Pearl and the Pumpkin.

The Ancient Mariner Appears! The Ancient Mariner suddenly appears!

One of the biggest hits in The Wizard of Oz was Hurrah for Baffin's Bay, a song of nautical nonsense that was dripping with puns. Of course The Pearl and the Pumpkin needed a similar song--and it got one in Fol-De-Iddley-Ido. The song was performed by the Ancient Mariner, some Pirates, and a school of Mermaids! It had almost as much success as its predecessor in Wizard, and was recorded on both cylinder and disc a number of times.
1905 Columbia Record Label
1905 Columbia Record Label
Listen to this 1905 recording!
(2:48 -- 662k)

Click on the record label above, or one of the links, to hear this jolly song of the sea as sung by William F. Denny in 1905. You may also download the PDF sheet music. It should be noted that the printed music we offer here is taken from the vocal score--not the published song sheet. The score version is slightly more complete offering line attribution and vocal parts for the chorus of this delightful Oz-related sea chanty!

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Sheet Music.
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2:48 - 662k

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