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Original Sheet Music Cover Original Sheet Music Cover


Sung by the Tin Woodman

I must have been a silly sort of josh
When I went and spliced Matilda Jane.
I thought at the time
I was in for something prime,
But very soon found out I was insane.
The fact is she’s a lot too fond of me,
Never on my own she lets me stray.
And if by chance
I should go into a saloon,
All my pals will look at me and say:

“Must you have the missus with you?
Can’t you come out on your own?
Must you always have a keeper?
Ain’t you old enough to be alone?
Why don’t you take her out and lose her?
Why be such a silly elf?
If there’s any beer wants mopping,
Can’t you mop it up yourself?”

This morning I turned in at 3:25
I knocked upon the door and rang the bell,
But she sleeps so sound
And so far above the ground,
I had to standout in the street and yell
"Matilda, do come down and let your hubby in,
I'm freezing and so weak for want of sleep."
But she only put on airs and said,
"It's too far down the stairs,
Now please be contented in the street.

"Must you have a bed to sleep in?
Can't you stand up in the corner for a nap?
Think of those six-day bicycle riders,
Have to sleep in every other lap.
Don't you know that sleeping's all a habit?
I feel it coming on and must turn in;
Now you stay there until the morning,
And I'll call a cop and run you in."

Tiger Tunes
Must You?

From the 1903 Musical Extravaganza

The Wizard of Oz

Music by Bert Brantford
Lyrics by Harry Boden
and David Montgomery

Halfway through ACT III the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman are captured by King Pastoria's soldiers and imprisoned. While dangling through the prison bars the Tin Woodman strikes up a conversation with a passing Waitress whom he warns not to become a "must you." You can listen to Must You? by clicking on the record slip below.

1903 Edison Record Slip

Original 1903 Edison Record Slip
Listen to this 1903 recording!
(1:59 -- 468k)

Must You? was a hit with audiences. It was recorded several times and was also offered as a Mira music box disc. A wonderful Zonophone recording by Dan W. Quinn can be heard on Vintage Recordings from the 1903 Wizard of Oz. Offered here is a 1903 Edison cylinder recorded by Edward M. Favor. You can also print copies of the sheet music for yourself by clicking on the link below.

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