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"An Oz Quiz"

1. What kind of education pill did one of Billina's chicks swallow?

2. Who swallowed one of Dr. Nikidik's wishing pills in The Land of Oz?

3.What are the proper names of the disenchanted Gabooches?

4. Which part of Chopfyt is identified as originally belonging to Nick Chopper? --to Captain Fyter?

5. Name the Oz books in which Kalidahs play a part.

6. How many male soldiers belonged to the Army of Oogaboo when it marched out to conquer the world?

7. How many purple berries did Trot and Cap'n Bill take from Pessim's island?

8. Name the fluid that turns living beings to marble.

9. Name all the beings brought to life by the Powder of Life.

10. Name Mr. and Mrs. Hi-lo's son.

11. What do Mombi, Eureka, the Frogman, and Cayke have in common other than physical characteristics?

12. What is Ugu the shoemaker's native city?

13. How many secret passages are there to the Metal Forest?

14. Name three types of animals that are declared not to be native to Oz.

Answers -- click here

Copyright © 2001 Eric Shanower and David Maxine. All rights reserved.

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