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"A Thanksgiving Procession"
By Ruth Plumly Thompson
Author of The Royal Book of Oz, Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz, The Wish Express, "King, King! Double King!" etc.

Originally published in the Philadelphia Public Ledger, November 22, 1914.

Last night as I entered the Town of Sleep
I saw the wonderfull'st sight -
A grand procession came marching by
Through the yellow candle light!
A grand Procession - Oh, there, my dears -
Were all the things we EAT
Thanksgiving Day, and they marched away
To a Sugar Band SO sweet
That as the music struck the air
It turned into lollypops straightway - there!
The Turkey stumped on his drumsticks
With his neck tucked under his wing
And I heard him say in a stuffy way,
"I'm full of EVERYTHING!"
The celery stalked on either side
And its tops waved to and fro with pride!
The vegetables rode in their dishes
As if they were Queens and Kings,
While behind, like pages, the olives skipped
The nuts and the fruit and things!
Two abreast the Pumpkin Pies
Came winking their dozen slits for eyes,
Plum Pudding round as a cannon ball
Came rolling and steaming behind them all.
While after that - in sixes and eights -
Marched the spoons and forks and the knives and plates.
Now I wonder if YOU were there that night
And saw them marching by candle light?
It seems to me - I did get a peep
Of you boys and girls in the Town of Sleep!

The Forgetful Poet

By Ruth Plumly Thompson
Originally published in the Philadelphia Public Ledger, August 10, 1919.

Riddles in Rhyme for Summer Time

The Forgetful Poet was evidently too busy with his camp work to write a letter, so he just sent us these rhyming riddles. Having been at camp myself, I know there is not much time for letter writing, so we shall have to forgive him, I 'spose.

The answers to his last week's riddles were: The Ottoman empire, or Turkey; the Lapps, Indian tribes, Crow and Sioux.


Peas and ships have 'em.
And if you're not dull
You'll know right away
I'm referring to -----.

A piece of furniture plus a letter,
A word that means succeed,
Will give an Arab, and a very
Restless one indeed.

An expression of scorn
And a valley, I vow,
Will give you a pert
Little curly bow-wow.

[Answers next time.]

Copyright © 2011 Eric Shanower and David Maxine. All rights reserved.

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