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Oz-story #2 Full Contents

Front Cover
Drawing by John R. Neill, celebrated Imperial Illustrator of Oz
Colors by David Maxine
A portrait of the royal Ozma of Oz

The Greed Goblin of Oz / Page 4
A comics story with art by Anna-Maria Cool, illustrator of The Hidden Prince of Oz
Story by Eric Shanower, author of The Giant Garden of Oz
The Scarecrow and the Sawhorse learn to be careful what they wish for.

Dorothy and the Mushroom Queen / Page 6 Read an excerpt
A short story by Janet Deschman
Illustrated by Eric Shanower
When the Glass Cat of Oz brings news of a hidden midnight spectacle, Dorothy and Flicker are off to investigate. What they find takes them deep into the earth beneath the Land of Oz where Queen Piopelp rules an ancient tribe of mushroom creatures.

Mary Marvel inThe Modern Wizard of Oz / Page 29
A comics story with art by the Jack Binder Studio
Shazam! The world's mightiest girl has an adventure with several Oz characters!

Abby / Page 37
A short story by Eric Shanower
Illustrations by Frank Kramer
When Twink and Tom Jones were children, they had an amazing adventure in the Land of Oz. Now they are adults with adult problems--and the land over the rainbow once more beckons to them. A sequel, of sorts, to Jack Snow's The Shaggy Man of Oz.

The Clockwork Man / Page 66
A lyric by L. Frank Baum, creator and first Royal Historian of Oz
Illustration by Vlada Stolikovich
Tiktok's theme song.

The Wonderland of Oz / Page 67
Part II of the earliest comics adaptation
of L. Frank Baum's The Land of Oz
Art by Walt Spouse

The King of the Corn / Page 85
A poem by Ruth Plumly Thompson, second Royal Historian of Oz
Illustration by W. W. Denslow, original illustrator of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The Scarecrow in his cornfield.

The Magic Land / Page 86
A short story by Eloise Jarvis McGraw, sixth Royal Historian of Oz
Illustrated by Lauren Lynn McGraw, seventh Royal Historian of Oz
A sensitive account of how L. Frank Baum named his marvelous, magical land.

Toyland / Page 88
A Toyland Resident's Sad Kitchen Experience
A comics story by John R. Neill

Christmas in Pumperdink / Page 89
A merry short story by Ruth Plumly Thompson
Illustrated by Mark Grammel
What can you get for the Prince who has everything?

Who's Afraid? / Page 90
A poem by L. Frank Baum
Illustration by John R. Neill
Bears, giants, witches--what's to fear?

Skin Deep / Page 91
A comics story with art by Dan Parent, cartoonist of Archie, Sabrina, Josie and the Pussycats
Story by Eric Shanower
Ozma and Dorothy find that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Policeman Bluejay / Page 93
The complete 1907 fantasy novel by L. Frank Baum
Illustrated by Maginel Wright Enright
When the evil Tuxix transforms Twinkle and Chubbins into half-bird, half-human creatures, they visit the wonders of the forest, including the magical Paradise of the Birds.

If Six Great Cartoonists / Back cover
A comics feature by Eric Shanower
What would Oz look like drawn by Winsor McCay, or by Jack Kirby, or by . . .?

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